Customer Testimonials

“I normally take time to write negative reviews, mostly about bad service at restaurants, but tonight I’m going to take a moment and offer positive feedback for a change. I just experienced having my truck repaired at Darrell Allen Body Shop, and I have to say it was one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. First, these people are friendly, as in chipper and upbeat, gee, what a concept. Secondly, they were professional from start to finish- they handled my case with skill and efficiency. Thirdly, at no time did I sense they were trying to “get into my wallet.” The only downside to the process was the wait time to actually do the repairs, but since these people are really, really good at what they do, it’s no wonder there is a waiting period, and I am totally happy that I waited because my truck came back to me as new. I give these people a big thumbs up.” – Ken P.

“I recently had to take my car to Darrell Allen Body Shop for repairs and I was impressed upon my entrance into the front door. I was greeted by a very professional and friendly staff not to mention the decor. I was highly recommended by Crenshaw Car Dealership in Burlington. I was quoted 2 days and it was finished in that time. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Allen himself, and what humble kind man. So his business and employees reflect him. Thanks again for a job well done!” – Teresa V. 

“They did an outstanding job with my car and were great about keeping me updated. Hope I never have to use them again…but I would if I had to! :)” – Cathy A.


“To say I can be a demanding customer is a tremendous understatement. I will rarely(if ever) choose a vendor to give my service to if value and quality don’t perfectly intersect. Until I feel it has, I can come off a little difficult. With that said, I have never seen a group of people walk me through my first experience utilizing a collision center while filing a claim with my insurance company quite like Darrell Allen did. They were patient in answering my questions and overcoming my objections to almost every step of this process. Let’s be honest, wrecking your car is never enjoyable. They made a stressful situation more manageable and restored the car lot its original condition. Because of this, I will reccomend Darrell Allen to any of my clients and colleagues. I just hope they are easier to deal with than me :)” – Jonathan O.


Great work!! And they clean your vehicle inside and out before it’s completed.” Meghan B.

They did a phenomenal job on my car. 2 thumbs up!!!!” Carla T.


“Got my car back yesterday doesn’t even look like It ever had damage to it thank y’all so much.” – Jeffrey F.

Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on my car!!!! Your service was outstanding! My car is back to brand new :-).” – Joan H-L.


“We just wanted to write and say thank you for the great job you did on our car.  We noticed that you even went the extra mile to buff out the door dings that were not related to the crash.  Thanks again for a top-notch professional job!” – Paul and Pam B.

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