Our Process

Preliminary Estimate

estimateThe preliminary estimate details all damage that is visible at the time (if the car is drivable). If the car is not drivable, we can help you arrange to have the car towed to our shop.

Disassembly is the next step for a non-drivable car. Our estimate will help to determine the approximate cost of the repair. However, hidden damage often cannot be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled.

Scheduling Repairs and Ordering Parts

During the repair scheduling process, the estimator schedules repair times with the customer. Next, parts are ordered based on the preliminary estimate. If a part needs to be specially ordered, the order will be placed as soon as possible. Although many parts may arrive very quickly, the repair process cannot begin until the shop receives all structural parts.

Drop Off and Disassembly

During the drop off, the customer leaves the vehicle at Darrell Allen Body Shop. An authorization to begin repairs is signed, allowing our experienced technicians to start repairing the vehicle. Next, the vehicle is disassembled. At this time, hidden damage may present itself. Frequently, hidden damage requires scheduling insurance re-inspection and ordering additional parts.

Complete Damage Repair Estimate

darrell-1416After disassembly, a complete damage repair estimate is completed. The estimator and repair technicians assess all damage resulting from the collision. At this time, hidden damage may present itself. If hidden damage is present, additional parts are ordered and the supplemental damage is called in to the insurance company.

Structural and Mechanical Repair

Once the complete damage repair estimate has been completed, either structural or mechanical (or both) damage may be found. If structural or mechanical damage is found, it must be repaired first. During structural repair, the vehicle’s unitized body is returned to the factory specifications. A sophisticated measuring system is used to monitor all actions. A computer and laser-based measurement system is used to analyze the frame of your vehicle. This system ensures accurate repairs and provides customers with peace of mind in knowing that their vehicle is being repaired properly.

Body Repair

During the body repair stage, a technician repairs or replaces any and all body panels that sustained damage from the impact or collision. The technician replaces exterior panels and all metal finishing that may be required. The vehicle begins to come back to life as sheet metal is installed and aligned. After the body repair stage, the vehicle will be prepared for paint application.

Paint Repair

darrell-1459After the body work is completed, the body panels are prepared for paint application. Next, the panels are primed and sealed to enable better adhesion once the final top color and clear coats of paint are applied.

Darrell Allen Body Shop is proud to use DuPont® brand paints.


During the reassembly stage, the final moldings and detail pieces are placed onto the vehicle. We also perform all wheel alignments, suspension repairs, A/C service and airbag replacements in-house, if necessary. At this time, the vehicle is almost complete and ready to be delivered to the customer.


During the detailing stage, both the exterior and interior of the vehicle are cleaned. In addition, the vehicle will be road tested to ensure every component is working properly. A final quality control inspection will be performed to ensure the vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition.

Quality Control

During the quality control inspection stage, the vehicle is examined by the estimator. The estimator inspects the vehicle to make sure all repairs have been properly completed, and the estimator will make sure the vehicle is ready for delivery.

Customer Delivery Contact

Once the estimator determines the vehicle is ready for pick up, the customer will be contacted to set a time to pick up the vehicle.


During the delivery process, the vehicle is returned to the customer. An estimator accompanies the customer to the vehicle. The estimator reviews and explains the repairs to the customer(s). A final bill is given to the customer. If the repair was filed under an insurance company, the customer pays the deductible (if applicable), and the insurance company is billed for repairs. If the repair is paid out-of-pocket, the customer pays the total amount due at this time.

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